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Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

Steam Up is a competitive Dim Sum collection board game with authentic cultural experience

Become one of the 12 animal characters, each with unique abilities and tastes. Compete to devour the top 5 Dim Sum dishes at Steam Up, striving to be the one to leave the table with the fullest stomach!

  • Number of Players icon

    2-5 Players

  • Playtime icon

    40 - 60 mins.

  • Age icon: 8+

    Age 8+

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Supported by over 10,000 backers with more than $1 million raised from Kickstarter and late pledges.


An Award-Winning Title

Barnes & Noble Game of the Year badge and other awards

Steam Up was recognized as Barnes & Noble Game of the Year and the winner/finalist in board game competitions judged by industry experts worldwide.

  • Purchase steamers with Dim Sum using food tokens

    Stackable Steamers

    Layers of flavorful Dim Sum to devour.

  • Irresistible Dim Sum

    With adorable dim sum squishies to "drool" over.

    (Included in the Deluxe Edition)

  • Rondel Turntable

    Rotate table to compete for different edible opportunities.

  • 12 Adorable Animal Characters

    Featuring the Chinese zodiac animals. Each with unique abilities and taste.

  • Culturally Authentic Design

    Designed by creators with direct cultural experiences.