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Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum (Standard Edition)

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum (Standard Edition)

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Welcome to Steam Up, a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant best known for its top 5 most popular Dim Sum:

Juicy Shrimp Dumpling, tender Meat Dumpling, soft and fluffy BBQ Meat Bun, flavorful Sticky Rice, and exquisite Phoenix Claw.

Be prepared to compete as one of 12 animal characters to devour as much as possible and leave with the fullest stomach!

See details about the Deluxe Edition.

    • Number of Players icon2-5 players
    • Playtime icon40-60 mins
    • Age icon: 8+Age 8+


    • 75 Dim Sum
    • 18 Steamers
    • 50 Food tokens
    • 1 Turntable
    • 26 Fate cards
    • 50 Fortune cards
    • 12 Animal scoring markers
    • 2 Feast Zone indicators
    • 10 Feast Zone markers
    • 1 First player marker
    • 5 Reference cards
    • 1 Lucky die
    • 1 Steamer counter
    • 12 Animal boards
    • 1 Score board
    • 1 Dim Sum bag


    Game Design: Pauline Kong, Marie Wong, Haymen Lee
    Illustration: Tim Cheng, Grace Tjahyadi, YDXart
    Development: Pauline Kong, Marie Wong
    3D Design: Jose Hsu
    Animal stories: Sabrina Tang, Jason Chan
    Editing: Jeff Fraser, Jonathan Liu
    Specials Thanks: Our Kickstarter backers for their incredible support

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    Overview & How to Play

    Steam Up - rulebook


    Download the latest rulebook:
    Steam Up Rulebook (English) PDF

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the differences between Standard and Deluxe Edition?

    The Deluxe Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition with the below upgrades/additions.


    • 12 Animal boards (Standard: cardstock / Deluxe: cardboard)
    • 1 Score board (Standard: cardstock / Deluxe: cardboard)
    • 1 Dim Sum bag (Standard: plain / Deluxe: double-sided silkscreen design)

    • Linen spot UV embossed box cover
    • 75 Dim Sum squishies
    • 12 Wooden animal scoring markers (meeples) with double-sided silkscreen design
    • 1 Wooden steamer counter
    • 1 Wooden first player marker
    • 1 Illustrated cardboard insert

    How many players?

    Steam Up supports 2-5 players.

    How long does the game play?

    40 - 60 minutes

    What are the 12 Animal characters?

    Steam Up features the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

    Each animal character has their unique traits, abilities, and taste for Dim Sum.

    Are chopsticks allowed to be used when playing Steam Up?

    While playing Steam Up does not require chopsticks, you can use them if you wish.

    I have another question that's not answered here

    Please submit your questions on our contact page or email us at Our support team will be happy to help!